Comments from Evaluation conducted at an In-House Business Mandarin Training Program for a big Law Firm in Downtown Vancouver

Frieda focuses on key, important concepts and vocabulary which allow for quick mastery of basic Chinese.

Frieda is patient and she uses very effective techniques to enhance understanding.  Yes, it is very important for westerners to have a basic understanding of Chinese language and cultural understanding.

Very enthusiastic. Good pacing for students knowledge level.  You provide excellent tips!

They were interesting facts and it is good to know some of the things to do or avoid when dealing with people from China.

Extremely helpful. Creates contents and makes the lesson more interesting. Yes, I enjoyed learning about the culture as much as the language.

Yes, the culture hints were very helpful and important to the class. I think they will be valuable!

The course seemed to cover all the basics for my first trip (China).

Much firmer grasp of Mandarin, more knowledge of social and business etiquette.

Highly recommended (this) introductory course.

I would recommend the course to anyone with Chinese clients or planning to visit China.

Thank you Frieda.  I really appreciated your hard work preparing and teaching us this course.

Comments from Evaluation of a Corporate Training Program conducted for Procon Mining & Tunnelling Ltd.

Miss Frieda is an excellent instructor!

Frieda is extremely patient and creative with her teaching technique. This makes learning fun.

Frieda is very knowledgeable and professional. Frieda goes the extra mile. I can tell that she loves to teach and genuinely care about her students. I want to take another course with Frieda.

Good understanding of individual student learning level.

Understanding Chinese Culture and Business Etiquette” is very helpful, I wish I had known some of those things before (a few months ago) meetings with some people (clients) from China.

Yes, I like “Understanding Chinese Culture” session very much because it is insightful and useful.

Frieda’s knowledge of the culture and ability make learning fun and interactive!

I really like the cultural stuff and learning more about modern China. It will be helpful when I visit.

Frieda really cares about the students and work hard to make sure all aspects are understood. Frieda is engaging caring and enthusiastic.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

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