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Director, Frieda He has over 19 years of experience teaching Chinese language and business culture courses in academic and corporate settings.


Design and deliver Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese language courses and cross-cultural consulting and training programs as well as translation services.


Tailored for people with no previous experience in Mandarin and would like to learn basic conversation skills and understand the Chinese culture.

Why Study Mandarin, Chinese Culture and Business Etiquette?

Increases Cultural Understanding and Opens Bigger Opportunities for Your Career and Business !

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Learn Mandarin, Chinese Business Culture and Etiquette – The Fun and Easy Way !

Why Study Mandarin and the Chinese Culture?

  • A Powerful Tool to Enhance Your Career Choices
  • Opens The Door to Greater Business Opportunities and Profits
  • An Invaluable Travel Asset As Mandarin Is The Most Widely Used Language Globally

Frieda He, Director of HECC has successfully designed and delivered Chinese language and business culture courses in academic and corporate settings for the past 19 years. What are the reasons behind her favourable reviews?

We can tailor the course that best suits your needs and schedule !

What clients say about us

  • Frieda is very knowledgeable and professional. Frieda goes the extra mile. I can tell that she loves to teach and genuinely care about her students. I want to take another course with Frieda.

    Course Participant
    Procon Mining & Tunnelling Ltd.
  • Extremely helpful. Creates contents and makes the lesson more interesting. Yes, I enjoyed learning about the culture as much as the language.

    Legal Firm
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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